LevelUp meets career training needs for individuals who want to work in technology and/or health care.

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Altus offers LevelUp to help you onboard your IT employees with our technology expertise. We help non-profits recruit individuals for technology and health care concerns. Unlike technical colleges, we pay jobseekers to attend an Altus training program taught by entrepreneurs to guide team members with field experience toward the goal of a job upon completion.

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Recruiters for Technology and Health Care Jobs


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Job Seekers

Interested in starting or building a career with startups that support health care innovation? Get started with Altus.

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Companies Seeking to Hire and Train Individuals in Technology and Health Care

Build a team with folks trained in technology to support the startup health care industry. Altus train-to-work programs help you target employees who fit your culture and have the skill level you require.

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Non-Profits Seeking to Train Individuals in Technology and Health Care

Partner with Altus to train and build a pipeline of talent for technology and health-care-based startups.

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Meet the Faculty.

Mathias Lemos Castillo

LevelUp Faculty

Dr. Mary Cowan, Ph.D. RT (R)

LevelUp Faculty

Altus, founded in 2015 in Madison, WI., is an innovative provider of online continuing education and leadership training in the health care industry. Its intuitive online platform provides continuing education courses to professionals and groups. For professionals, Altus enables individuals to meet and track professional license requirements or improve their professional skills. For groups, Altus, with additional offices in Chicago, Ill., protects a company’s compliance status through education and helps improve the overall skills for health care teams. Daniel Guerra Jr., a Hispanic entrepreneur, has been honored as a founding member of the Greater Madison Latino Professionals Association and an inaugural fellow at the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative.