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Why Altus?

A Campus provides online continuing medical education to health care professionals enabling them to track and meet professional licensing requirements. The Campus protects health care facilities’ eligibility for billing reimbursement by tracking their employee’s continuing medical education credits for licensure and important annual compliance requirements.

A Campus is a great way to invest in your team. Studies indicate employees rank aspects of their job that motivate them, such as developing new skills, higher wages and promotions. The development of new skills allows employees to become mentally and emotionally invested in their careers, which increases employee satisfaction and retention. Providing additional education will improve staff competency and awareness and ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.

Retain Talent.

89% of employees say  “If my employer invests in my training, I’m more likely to stay at the organization long term.”

A Campus makes it easier to manage your team.

Completion Certificates

Print out certificates to verify every completed course.

Streamlined Admin Management

Use efficient self-serve tools to eliminate hassles.

Team Reporting

Get access to tools that help you meet the American College of Radiology (ACR) team-tracking requirements for MR Safety.

MR Screening Compliance Tool

Find all your team information in one place.

Course Reminders

Provide timely reminders for compliance and completions.

A Campus make it makes it easier to manage your team.

Portrait of happy female radiologist with colleagues standing by MRI machine in hospital

We’re able to provide your team the required annual compliance education for staff that work in or around health care medical imaging centers. This education meets the annual education requirements described by the ACR, Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), and The Joint Commission (JC).

Not only do you get compliance courses but you get access to courses that meet ARRT license requirements.

Your Campus gives you the most important MR, Radiation, and CT Dose Reduction compliance courses.

Here are samples of courses available.

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Basic MRI Safety 2022


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Advanced MRI Safety 2022 (CE)


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Understanding MRI Safety for Non-Personal Staff 2022


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Radiation Safety Protocols for Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection for Patients and Staff


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Managing Patient Radiation Dose in CT 2022


Join 100-Plus Leaders.

Take advantage of the cutting-edge compliance tools with Altus.

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Features You'll Love.

Learn at Your Own Pace.

Watch classes on your own schedule anytime, anywhere.

Watch Short Lessons.

View bite-size chunks under an hour.

Education Sorted Courses.

Find courses through lists of role-based learning.

Library Content.

Access to complete library.
New courses added monthly.
ACR, IAC and JC compliant courses.
Accreditation for professional level.


Invidual performance tracking.
Group performance tracking.
ACE, IAC and JC compliance tracking.


Per user fee.
Customized campus.
Employee engagement.
Cloud-based, minimal IT impact.

Required Annual Compliance Education.

We provide your team with the  Required Annual Compliance education for staff members who work in or around Healthcare Medical Imaging Centers. This education meets the annual education requirements described by the ACR, IAC, and JC  (effective July 1, 2015).

MR Screening Unit.

Track Annual MRI Screening Compliance.

A Campus also offers a comprehensive compliance tool that enables tracking for MR Personnel entering Zone III and IV and tracking non-MR Personnel entering Zone III allowing Imaging Centers to easily meet the required annual MR safety screening quickly. The MRI Screening Compliance Tool is designed to meet the American College of Radiology (ACR) Manual on MRI Safety regarding annual non-MR Staff/Personnel Screening.

Features include:

Track Your Credits.

The CE Wallet is an easy and no-cost way to keep track of your continuing education credits and their expiration dates. Courses taken on Altus are automatically added to your CE Wallet. You can also add courses taken elsewhere. You can track your credentialing across multiple states for multiple certifications. 

Tracking credits has never been easier.

Once enrolled, you will go to My Wallet, which is located under My Account in the Navigation Menu. My Wallet is a place to see your secure list of completed courses.