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Mathias Lemos Castillo

Mathias Lemos Castillo is a Madison based consultant originally from Uruguay committed to effective and culturally relevant community engagement. He founded MLC Consulting, LLC in January of 2022. Prior to founding MLC, Mathias has held leadership positions with local and national organizations including the Local Voices Network out of MIT. Having served as a conversation facilitator and community builder in his previous roles – Mathias has excellent skills in convening community members, working with diverse audiences and providing outstanding partner satisfaction.  Mathias brings a strong community-oriented background to the roles he engages with and has the ability to generate accurate engagement for measurable results. Mathias brings a strong goal-driven attitude, problem solving strategies, and organization skills to the workspace. And knows how to engage people, communities, and entities both locally and nationally and has strong bilingual communication skills in Spanish and English. Mathias prides himself in making sure stakeholders and partners are well aligned.